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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *pep-
Meaning: weak
Old Greek: pépōn, n. -on, gen. -onos 'ripe; mild', pepái̯nō 'to ripen; to soften, assuage', pepái̯nomai̯ '(of tumors) to soften and suppurate; to grow warm' (formally, these forms are hardly separated from *pekʷ- ' to cook')
Baltic: *pē̃p- vb. inch., *pep-in̂- vb. caus., *pā̃p-in̂-/*pā̂p-in̂- (2) vb.
Russ. meaning: мягкий, слабый
References: Fraenkel 240 (different in Pok.)

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