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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *bhōw-
Meaning: to dwell
Old Greek: phōleó-s `Lager, Höhle wilder Tiere'
Slavic: *bɨ̄́dlo `Wohnung, Habe, Vieh'
Baltic: *buw-ein-iā̃, -ain-iā̃ f., *bū̂-s-l-in-iā̃ f., *bu-ta- c., *bu-t-ā̂ f., *bū̃-tl-ā̂ f., -iā̃ f., *bū̂-tl-iā̃ f., *bū-tl-a- c.
Germanic: *bōw-a- ? vb., *būw-a- vb., *buww-iá- vb., *bū=, *būw-i- c., *bō-ɵl-a- adj., *bu-ɵl-a- adj., *bō-ɵ-ō f., *bōw-i- c., *bu-ɵ-ō f., *bū-r-a- adj., etc.; *bṓ-l-a- n., *bṓ-l-ia- n.
Albanian: buj, bųj `wohne, miete, übernachte', bur̄, bur̄ɛ `Mann, Ehemann'; bane `Wohnung, Aufenthalt, halb verfallenes Haus' banoj `wohne'
Russ. meaning: жить (wohnen)
References: WP II 140 f
Comments: [Most probably just a variant of *bhū-]

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