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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *bholg'h-
Meaning: leathern bag, pillow, mattress; paunch
Old Indian: barhís- n. `sacrificial grass, a bed or layer of Kuṣa grass, usually strewed over the sacrificial ground to serve as a sacred surface on which to present the oblations, and as a seat for the gods and the sacrificers'; upa-bárhaṇa- n., upa-bárhaṇī f. `a cushion, pillow'
Avestan: barǝziš- n. 'Polster, Kissen'
Other Iranian: NPers bāliš 'Kissen'
Slavic: *bolzīnā (Slov blazína Kissen, Matratze, Bettpfühl; Fuss- oder Handballen, Srb-Kro blàzina Kopfkissen, Polster, Federbrett)
Baltic: *pa=bal̃ǯ-sta- c., *balǯ-in-[a]-s m., *pā=balǯ-ā̂ f.
Germanic: *balg-i- c., *bulg=; *bulx-s-tr-a- m.
Celtic: Gaul bulga `Ledersack' ( > OHG bulga lederner Wasserbehälter); Ir bolg `Sack', Ir bolg `Bauch, Sack, Hülse'; Cymr bol, bola, boly `Bauch', Bret bolc'h `cosse de lin'
Russ. meaning: кожаный мешок; подушка, матрац; пузо
References: WP II 180 f

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