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Indo-European etymology :

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Proto-IE: *plus-, *pusl-, *psul-; *b(h)-
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Meaning: flea
Old Indian: plúṣi- m. `a species of noxious insect, flying white-ant'; paroṣṇī f. `cockroach'
Other Iranian: Pashto vrā́ẓ̌a (< Ir. *brúšā) 'flea'
Armenian: lu, gen. lvoy `блоха'
Old Greek: psǘlla f. (/ psǘllo-s m.) `Floh'
Slavic: *blъxā́
Baltic: *blus-ā̂ f.
Germanic: *flaux; *fláux-a- m., n.
Latin: pūlex, -icis m. `Floh'
Albanian: plesht, pl. -a `flea'
Russ. meaning: насекомое (блоха)
Comments: Germ *flaux- probably < *pslou-k-.

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