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Germanic etymology :

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Proto-Germanic: *ibVx(w)=, *ibVg(w)=; *i[b]V-laup=
Meaning: ivy
IE etymology: IE etymology
Old English: īfig (īfegn), -es n. `ivy'
English: ivy
Middle Dutch: eiloof `klimop', ieve `aardveil', ieven, (h)ieft `id.',
Dutch: eiloof n., westvlam. (h)iefte `klimop'
Middle Low German: if(f)-lōf, ī-loff, iw-lōf, eig-loff `klimop'
Low German: eilof
Old High German: ebah, ebahhi (10.Jh.), ebouwi (11.Jh.), ebewi (10.Jh.), ebawi on analogy with Heu: eb(i)houwi 9./10.Jh.), eb(i)hewi (10./11.Jh.),
Middle High German: ephöu, ebehöu st. n. `Epheu'; { ī(w)lōf, īflōf, ifflōf, ei(g)lōf- (eig. `pheulaub') }
German: Efeu; dial. efa, efai, ewich

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