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Proto-Germanic: *aiziō; *aizōn-, *aizēn- vb.; *aistan- vb.
Meaning: respect, honour
IE etymology: IE etymology
Gothic: *aistan wk. `fear, respect'
Old Norse: eir f. `Gnade, Milde, Hilfe'; Eir Name einer Göttin (der Heilkunde), eira
Old English: ār, -e f. `honour, glory, rank, dignity, magnificence, respect, reverence; kindness, favour, mercy, pity; property, posessions, an estate, land, ecclesiastical living, benefice'
Old Frisian: ēre `eer, verering'
Old Saxon: ēra `eer, bescherming, genade, gave', ēron
Middle Dutch: ēre, ēr `eer, aanzien, eergevoel, deugd', ēren
Dutch: eer f.
Old Franconian: ONFrank ēra `coronam', unēra `ignominiam'
Middle Low German: ēre `Ehre'
Old High German: ēra (8. Jh.) `Ansehen, Wertschätzung, Berühmtheit, Würde, Zierde, Ehrfurcht, Verehrung', ērōn, ērēn
Middle High German: ēre st. f. `Ehererbietung, Zierde, Ansehen, Ruhm, Sieg, Herrschaft, Ehrgefüll, ehrenhaftes Benehmen'
German: Ehre f.

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