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Proto-Inupik: *ạnųʁǝ̈, *anuq-liʁ-, *anuʁ-raʁ-
Eskimo etymology: Eskimo etymology
Meaning: wind 1, to be windy 2
Russian meaning: ветер 1, быть ветру 2
Seward Peninsula Inupik: anuʁi 1, anuqɫiq- 2
SPI Dialects: Imaq anúʁɨ, anúqɫēqtoq 'to blow (wind)', W anoʁɣwa (āk, ʁuit) 1, KI anoχe* 1
North Alaskan Inupik: anuʁɨ 1, anuqɫiq- 2
NAI Dialects: B anoʁa* 1, Ingl anoʁwe* 1
Western Canadian Inupik: anuʁi 1, anuqɫiq- 2, anuʁsaʁiktuq 'good wind'
WCI Dialects: Cor, M anoʁa* 1, Cop anuχχiq- 2, Perry River anuχχāq- 'to be a light breeze' [Pryde]
Eastern Canadian Inupik: anuʁi 1, anuʁsili- 2
ECI Dialects: Lab anuʁɫiq- 2 [Peck]
Greenlandic Inupik: anuʁi (anore*) 1, anuʁɫiʁ- 2, anuʁšaʁissi- 'to have risen (wind)'
GRI Dialects: EG aniʁsiq 1, aniʁsiʁ- 2, Up aniʁsaʁ-, aniʁsaʁ̃itsi- 'to have risen (wind)', NG anuχχaq- 'to blow (wind)'
Comparative Eskimo Dictionary: 30

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