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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *veḷ-
Meaning : white
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : veḷ, veṇ
Tamil meaning : white, pure, shining, bright
Tamil derivates : veḷi (-pp-, -tt-) to break (as the day), clear, whiten, become bright; n. purity; veḷiccam light, lamp, clearness; veḷitu that which is white; veḷippu clearness, brightness; veḷir_u (veḷir_i-) to grow white, become pale; n. whiteness, paleness, light, becoming clear; veḷu (-pp-, -tt-) to become white or pale, dawn, become clear or manifest; whiten (tr., as clothes); veḷuvai becoming white; veḷuppu, veḷuveḷuppu whiteness, pallor, bleaching; veḷuveḷu (-pp-, -tt-) to become white, become pale; veḷu-veḷuv-en_al appearing white, looking pale; veḷḷar, veḷḷiyār white men, true, honest men; veḷḷi whiteness, silver, silver coin, star, planet, Venus, Friday; veḷḷitu that which is plain; veḷḷ-en_al becoming white, becoming clear, dawning of day; veḷḷen_a early in the morning; veḷḷai whiteness, silver coin, etc.; veḷḷaiyan_ white-skinned person, European, albino; veṇmai whiteness, brightness; veṇ-kal quartz, white marble; viḷaŋku (viḷaŋki-) to shine, become renowned, be polished, be clear or plain, know; viḷakku (viḷakki-) to make clear, explain, make illustrious, clean, polish, purify; n. lamp, light, lustre, brightening; viḷakkam elucidation, clearness, light, lamp; viḷattu (viḷatti-) to explain; viḷar (-v-, -nt-; -pp-, -tt-) to become pale, whiten; n. whiteness; viḷarppu whiteness; veḷ-viḷar, veḷḷa-viḷar to become very white (as a washed cloth)
Malayalam : veḷi, veḷivu
Malayalam meaning : light, clearness
Malayalam derivates : veḷiccam light; veḷukka to dawn, grow white, be white, be clean or bright; veḷuppu whiteness, brightness, dawn, leprosy; veḷuppikka to whiten, brighten, wash (clothes), polish, clean (rice); veḷuveḷa very white; veḷkka to pale; veḷḷa white colour, white and clean cloth, truth; veḷḷan a true, honest, pure man; veḷḷi silver, Venus, Friday, white speck on the eye; veṇ white, bright; veṇma whiteness, brightness, cleanliness, smoothness; veŋ-kallu quartz, alabaster; viḷaŋŋuka to shine forth, reflect light, show itself clearly, be polished or clean; viḷakkuka to brighten, polish; viḷakkam brightness, polish; viḷakku lamp, light; viḷarkka to be sallow, pale; viḷarppu, viḷarccu paleness, sallowness; viḷarppikka to promote the ripening of fruits; viḷar_uka to become wan
Kannada : beḷ(u), beḷa, beḷ(u)pu, beḷatige, beḷantige, beḷḷage, biḷa, biḷu, biḷi, biḷe, biḷapu, biḷ(u)pu
Kannada meaning : whiteness, brightness
Kannada derivates : beḷa, beḷaku, beḷagu light, lamp; beḷagu to shine, become bright, manifest oneself; cause to shine, kindle (as a lamp), scour, polish; beḷagisu to fill with light, cause to make bright, cause to polish; beḷaguvike shining, causing to shine; beḷar to become white or bright; n. a white or shining white colour; beḷarpu shining white colour; beḷḷi silver, planet Venus; biḷidu that which is white, the colour white; beṇaci quartz, white spar
Kodagu : boḷɨ- (boḷɨp-, boḷɨt-)
Kodagu meaning : to become white
Kodagu derivates : boḷakɨ, boḷica lamp; boḷi light; boḷɨpɨ whiteness; boḷɨtë white; boḷḷi silver; n. pr. of a cow, cow (in songs); boḷḷi mīnɨ morning star; boḷḷige n. pr. of a cow, cow (in songs); boŋge kallɨ a kind of white stone; ? bov pillɨ dry grass, straw
Tulu : boḷụ, bolụ, boḷụŋgarè, bolci, boḷḷarè, boḷḷenti
Tulu meaning : white, bright
Tulu derivates : bolkara whitish; bolcayi pale, wan; boḷaye white man; boḷaccelụ paleness; boḷiruni to become white or clear; boḷeruni to become pale, fade; boḷdu, boldu whiteness, brightness; white, bright; boḷpu light, wick or candle; boḷya light, white, clear; boḷkirụ clearing of the sky; boḷkallụ white stone, quartz, marble, alabaster; boḷḷi star, silver; boḷḷena a white substance, whitish; boḷḷeri a kind of leprosy; buḷakụ brightness; beḷagụ brightness, splendour; beḷaguni to shine, glitter; beḷagāvuni to make shine, polish; biḷi white
Proto-Nilgiri : *veḷ
Notes : Tulu beḷagụ, etc. borrowed from Kannada.
Number in DED : 5496

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