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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *vir_-/*vĕr_-i-/*vIr_-
Meaning : dense; firm
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vir_a (-pp-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to be dense, close, be intense, abound, increase, conquer
Tamil derivates : vir_appu crowdedness, density, intensity, increase, strength, victory; vir_al victory, strength; vir_ai (-v-, -nt-) to shiver (as from cold); (-pp-, -tt-) to grow stiff as from cold, become numb, shiver as from cold; vir_aippu numbness, stiffness, shivering; ver_i (-pp-, -tt-) to stand stiff, stand on end as hair; mir_ai (-pp-, -tt-) to become stiff, as a limb
Malayalam : vir_akka
Malayalam meaning : to become stiff as from cold
Malayalam derivates : vir_anna inflexible; vir_akkam repugnance; vir_a tremor; vir_ekka to shiver, tremble
Kannada : bir_asa, bir_asu, bir_isu, bir_usu, bir_u
Kannada meaning : hardness, firmness, roughness, rudeness, vehemence, swiftness
Kannada derivates : bir_i firmness, etc., tightness, fastening as a door; bir_u to become stiff; bir_ubu, bir_uvu, bir_uhu hardness, firmness, vehemence, etc.; ber_e to become firm or stiff as from cold, wind, rain, death, etc.
Tulu : bir-gāḷi
Tulu meaning : tempest
Tulu derivates : birsụ hard, stiff, rough
Proto-Nilgiri : *vIr_-äv-
Number in DED : 5439

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