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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *vāẓ-
Meaning : to live, flourish
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vāẓ (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to exist, live, flourish, be happy, live life of a married woman, live according to a definite set of rules; n. regularity, order
Tamil derivates : vāẓttu (vāẓtti-) to felicitate, congratulate, bless, praise; n. benediction, praise; vāẓvi (-pp-, -tt-) to cause or help one to live; vāẓkkai livelihood, living, lifetime, married life, happy state, wealth, prosperity; vāẓcci living, prosperity, wealth, felicity; vāẓvu prosperity, happiness, happy life, livelihood, living, residing, residence, wealth; vāṭkai living; vāṇan_ resident; prosperous man; vāẓi (-pp-, -tt-) to be over-luxuriant in growth and unproductive; vāẓippu over-luxuriant growth; vaẓuttu (vaẓutti-) to bless, praise, extol; vatukku improved condition, good circumstances
Malayalam : vāẓuka
Malayalam meaning : to live, live well or happily, cultivate, rule, reign
Malayalam derivates : vāẓikka to get a girl married, make to rule; vāẓttuka, vāẓttikka to bless, praise, extol; vāẓ life; vāẓca living prosperously, cultivation, reign, government; vāẓvu prosperity, happy life; vāẓi living somewhere; a ruler; vāẓu life; a ruler; ? vaẓuttuka to collect oneself
Kannada : bāẓ, bāẓu, barduku, baẓduŋku, barduŋku, baduku, badaku, badiku, baduŋku
Kannada meaning : to live, be alive, subsist, make a livelihood, remain alive, revive, return to life
Kannada derivates : bāẓ(u) living, life, livelihood, state of living prosperously or happily, marriage, property; bāẓi person who lives, etc.; bāẓive, bāẓve, bāẓike, bāẓke, bāẓte, bāẓuvike, bāẓvike living, life, livelihood, household; baduku, badaku, barduku living, life, livelihood, property, goods; badukisu, badikisu to cause to live, support, save from death, raise to life; baẓ to live, begin to live prosperously; bardu, baddu increase, greatness, perfection, proficiency, skill
Kodagu : bāḷ- (bāv-, badd-)
Kodagu meaning : (child) lives, rule
Kodagu derivates : bāḷɨ way of life; bā mane house into which bride marries; bāce act of living; bāke kūḍ- (woman) marries; badɨk- (badɨki-) to live, live happily; badɨkɨ property
Tulu : bāḷuni
Tulu meaning : to thrive, prosper, exist, subsist, last, endure
Tulu derivates : bāḷāvuni to make thrive, prosper; bāḷikè, bāḷkè, bāḷu, bāḷuvikè, bāḷuvè, bāḷtara, bāḷtè, bāḷvè existence, subsistence, prosperity, thriving; badụkuni, badukuni to live, subsist, survive, recover; badụkāvuni, badukāvuni to cause to live, save, heal, cure; badụkụ living, livelihood, wealth, property
Proto-Nilgiri : *vad-ǝk-/*vāḷ-
Notes : The verb was most often used with the suffix *-d-; forms like Tulu badukuni, etc. < *vāṛ-d-k-. Tamil vatukku most obviously borrowed from Kannada.
Number in DED : 5372

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