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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *var_- (caus. *vat_-)
Meaning : to dry up
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : var_a (-pp-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to dry up, grow lean, shrink
Tamil derivates : var_al drying up, dry soil, drought, dried twig, dried fruit, flesh, etc.; var_am, var_an_ drying up, drought, hot season, dry soil; var_avar_-en_al becoming dry and hard; var_aḷ (var_aḷv-, var_aṇṭ-), varaḷ (varaḷv-, varaṇṭ-) to become dry, become lean or emaciated; n. drying up, emptiness, sandy soil; var_aṭci drought, dryness; var_aṭṭu (var_aṭṭi-), varaṭṭu (varaṭṭi-) to cause to dry up, parch; var_aṭan_ lean man, impotent man; var_aṭi lean woman, barren woman; var_aṭu dryness, barren animal (as a cow); var_aḷi anything dried; var_u (-v-, -nt-) to be parched; (-pp-, -tt-) to dry (tr.), parch; var_kaṭam, var_-kālam, var_pam drought, famine; var_r_u (var_r_i-) to grow dry, evaporate, ebb (as the tide), become absorbed (as matter in an ulcer), wither, become dry and shrivelled, become emaciated; n. drying up; var_r_am subsiding, ebb of tide, dryness; var_r_al subsiding, drying up, that which is withered, shrunk, or dried up, dried fruit, flesh, etc.; vali (-pp-, -tt-) to become dry; dry (tr.), scorch, parch; valiccal anything dried
Malayalam : var_u
Malayalam meaning : dry
Malayalam derivates : var_am drought, scarcity; var_avu drought, dry season; var_aṭi barren woman; var_aṭu dry (as fruit); varaṭu dry grass, hay, straw, a dry coconut; dry; var_aḷuka to dry up, grow dry, wound to be healed, grow very lean; var_aḷca drying up, bodily heat; var_aṭṭuka to dry up, parch; varaḷuka to grow dry, parched, lean; varaṭṭuka to dry, heal a wound; var_ukka to parch; var_uti drought, heat; var_r_uka to grow dry, be decocted, evaporated, reduced, wound to heal; var_r_al drying, evaporation, dried fruit; var_r_ikka to dry, evaporate (tr.)
Kannada : bar_e (bar_at-)
Kannada meaning : to grow dry, grow lean, disappear; n. dry soil
Kannada derivates : bar_a, bar_ahu dryness, barrenness, drought, dry firewood; bar_aḍu, baraḍu, baḍḍu barrenness; bar_aḍa man who has no children; bar_aḍi barren woman; bar_apa dryness; bar_alu bareness; barkaṭa, bakkaṭa, bakka bareness, voidness; battu, baccu to grow dry (as a stream), dry up, evaporate, grow lean, wither, fade; n. growing or being dry, etc.; battuge dryness; battale bareness; battalu dried vegetable or fruit
Kodagu : batt- (batti-)
Kodagu meaning : to go dry (tank, cow)
Tulu : baraṇṭuni
Tulu meaning : to grow dry, become lean or thin, a sore to heal
Tulu derivates : baraṇṭụ scurf, leanness; scurfy, scabby, lean, thin; baraḍụ, baraḍu barren, useless; bara famine, scarcity; bareluni to starve; bargaṭṭụ reduced, weak; baccuni, battuni to become lean, dry up, evaporate; baccāvuni to cause to dry, fade, stunt; baccelụ, battelụ leanness; baccele a thin man
Proto-Nilgiri : *var_-[ḷ]-
Number in DED : 5320

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