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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *vaḷ-
Meaning : fertile; to grow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : vaḷ
Tamil meaning : fertility, abundance, greatness, largeness, strength
Tamil derivates : vaṇmai bounty, liberality, quality, nature, beauty, truth, fruitfulness, fertility, abundance, strength, praise, reputation; vaḷam, vaḷan_ fertility, productiveness, luxuriance, abundance, fullness, advantage, profit, wealth, riches, income, goodness, greatness, excellence, fitness, beauty, dignity, station, food, article of merchandise, victory, success; vaḷappam fertility, goodness, greatness, excellence; vaḷamai fertility, productiveness, goodness, wealth, riches, money, property, benefit, kindness, favour, greatness, excellence; vaḷamaiyar agriculturalists, wealthy prosperous persons, great or excellent persons; vaḷar (-v-, -nt-) to grow, lengthen, be elongated, increase, wax as the moon, rejoice, sleep, dwell, rest; (-pp-, -tt-) to cause to increase, cherish, foster, bring up; vaḷarcci growth, increase, stature, height, elongation, lengthening, sleep; vaḷarttu (vaḷartti-) to cause to grow, put to sleep, lengthen, prolong; vaḷarppu bringing up, fostering, foster-child, dependant; vaḷavan_ Cōẓa king; agriculturist; vaḷavu (vaḷavi-) to bring up, rear; vaḷḷal person of unbounded liberality, liberal donor; benevolence, ability; vaḷḷicu whole; beauty, neatness, correctness, exactness; vaḷḷiyan_, vaḷḷiyōn_ generous, liberal person; vaṭku (vaṭki-) to flourish, be luxuriant (as a plant); vaṇṇam thickness; vaṇṇattān_ stout
Malayalam : vaḷar
Malayalam meaning : great, strong
Malayalam derivates : vaḷaruka to grow, increase; become (auxiliary vb.); vaḷara, vaḷarē much, many, very; vaḷarkka to bring up, foster, rear, augment; vaḷarttuka to raise, rear; vaḷarcca growth, tallness, stature; vaḷarppu, vaḷarttal bringing up; vaḷḷal a liberal king, munificent; vaḷam manure; vaṇṇam stoutness, thickness; vaṇṇikka to thicken, become stout
Kannada : baḷe
Kannada meaning : to increase, become large, grow up, prosper
Kannada derivates : baḷayisu, baḷeyisu to cause to increase, cause to abound, cause to grow; baḷavi, baḷavige, baḷevige, baḷuvaḷike increase, growth; baḷuvu heaviness, weight; baḷpaḷa growth; baḷpaḷike id., greatness
Kodagu : baṇṇa
Kodagu meaning : stoutness of body
Tulu : baḷapuni
Tulu meaning : to grow, shoot up, be enlarged
Tulu derivates : baḷapāvuni to make grow, rear, bring up; baḷapu growth, growing
Number in DED : 5304

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