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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *jāẓ-/*eẓ-u-
Meaning : a k. of musical instrument; to sound
Tamil : yāẓ, ñāẓ
Tamil meaning : stringed musical instrument
Tamil derivates : eẓu (-v-, -nt-) to emit sound; eẓāl musical notes of the yāẓ, the yāẓ, human voice; eẓuppu (eẓuppi-) to call forth (as melody from an instrument), raise (as the voice in speaking or singing); eẓuvu (eẓuvi-) to produce or call forth sound; eṭu (-pp-, -tt-) to utter or sing in a loud voice; eṭuppu (eṭuppi-) to produce (as harmonious sounds from an instrument)
Malayalam : ēẓil
Malayalam meaning : music
Proto-Nilgiri : *et- (*-t_-)
Notes : Contrary to the usual suggestion that Tamil ñāṛ < *jāṛ- (reasons obscure), initial ñ- is probably due to contamination with ñaral 'to sound', etc. Malayalam ēṛil is a very suspicious form as well, as this is the only initial ē- reflex of PDR *jV̄-.
Number in DED : 5156

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