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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *mel-
Meaning : soft
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : mel
Tamil meaning : soft, tender
Tamil derivates : melku (melki-) to become soft, be light; mella, meḷḷa softly, slowly, gently; melli woman; mellikkai thinness; mellitu, mellicu that which is soft or fine; thinness, slenderness; melliyar the weak, the emaciated, the poor; low, mean person; women (as of delicate build); mell-en_al, meḷḷ-en_al expr. signifying being soft, gentle, being dull; meli (-v-, -nt-) to be weak, become lean, thin, suffer, languish, perish, become poor, reduced in circumstances, be softened (as a hard coconut), be lowered in pitch (music); (-pp-, -tt-) to weaken, make lean, thin, cause suffering, destroy, soften (a hard consonant), lower the pitch; meliyavan_ weak, powerless man; melivu weakness, feebleness, languor, fatigue, etc.; men_mai softness, etc.
Malayalam : mel
Malayalam meaning : slender, tender
Malayalam derivates : meliyuka to grow thin, lean; melivu, meliccal thinness, leanness; melluka, mellikka to be thin, fine; mellē slowly, gently, softly
Kannada : mel(u)
Kannada meaning : soft, tender, pliant, mild, gentle, kind, pleasant; slow, etc.
Kannada derivates : melpu softness, mildness; mella, mellane, melle gently, softly, slowly; mellitu, mellittu that which is soft, mild, etc.
Kodagu : melle
Kodagu meaning : lightly, slowly
Tulu : mella
Tulu meaning : slow, soft, gentle; slowly, softly, gently
Tulu derivates : melipuni to knead as dough, tread into a well-mixed mass (as earth); melippu kneading, mixing well into a mass, macerating; meliyuni to become well-mixed, be reduced by sickness
Proto-Nilgiri : *mel-
Number in DED : 5078

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