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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *pin-
Meaning : back
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : pin_
Tamil meaning : back, rear part, end (as in place or time), that which is subsequent in time, younger brother; afterwards, subsequently
Tamil derivates : pin_pu that which is posterior in place or time; afterwards; pin_n_am, pin_n_ar, pin_n_ē afterwards; pin_n_ar those who come after, followers; successor, younger brother, the Śūdras; pin_n_avan_ younger brother, youngest son; fem. pin_n_avaḷ; pin_n_an_ younger brother; pin_n_i younger sister, mother's younger sister; pin_n_um moreover, again; pin_n_ai that which is subsequent in time, younger brother, younger sister; moreover, afterwards; pin_r_u (pin_r_i-) to retreat, fall behind, fall below (in rank or quality), turn back, go astray, change; adv. afterwards; pin_r_ai, pir_r_ai next day, tomorrow; afterwards; pin_r_i again, besides pintu (pinti-) to go behind, be behind, happen subsequently, be subsequent (in time, birth, or origin), be inferior, be tardy, delay
Malayalam : pin
Malayalam meaning : backside, behind, after; other
Malayalam derivates : pinnē behind, after, yet, then, consecutively; pimpu the backside, rear; back, behind, after
Kannada : pin, pim, him
Kannada meaning : state of being behind, afterwards, later
Kannada derivates : pintu, pindu, pinde that which is back, behind, previous; that which is afterwards or hereafter; (also adverbial); pinte the rear, back part; behind, in a preceding place; formerly, previously; pinne formerly; pittal, pittil, pintil, hittal, hittil(u), hittlu a backyard; piŋgu to go back, go away, keep at a distance, fail, be lacking; piñcu to be behind, be or come afterwards or later, be or come too late
Kodagu : pittië
Kodagu meaning : which is next
Kodagu derivates : pittiandɨ next day
Tulu : pini. pinni
Tulu meaning : little, small, slight
Tulu derivates : piñyañvu small, little; panne small
Proto-Nilgiri : *pin
Number in DED : 4205

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