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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *araḷ-
Meaning : to fear
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : araḷ (araḷv-, araṇṭ-), aruḷ (aruḷv-, aruṇṭ-)
Tamil meaning : to be terrified
Tamil derivates : araṭṭu (araṭṭi-), aruṭṭu (aruṭṭi-) to terrify, frighten; n. fear; araṭṭi fear; aruṭṭi quaking, trembling, agitation; araṭci, aruṭci confusion of mind, bewilderment; aruku (aruki-), arukku (arukki-) to be afraid
Malayalam : araḷuka
Malayalam meaning : to shrink
Malayalam derivates : araṭṭuka to frighten, alarm
Kannada : araḷ, araḷa, aruḷu, arulu, arlu, aralu
Kannada meaning : bewilderment, terror, fear
Kannada derivates : are, aremare, aremarike hesitation, doubt
Tulu : (?) naraŋguni
Tulu meaning : to waver, hesitate, be reluctant
Tulu derivates : naraguri a sheepish man, coward; nareŋguni to hesitate; nareŋgele a dull, tardy, slow, hesitating man
Proto-Nilgiri : *ar-
Notes : The forms in Tulu hardly belong here; the correspondence "most SDR languages 0- / Tulu n-" is unparalleled, and even the semantics of the Tulu root are different.
Number in DED : 3605

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