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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *TaP-
Meaning : at once, suddenly; sound of falling
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : tapukk-en_al
Tamil meaning : expr. signifying haste, rashness, etc., as in falling
Kannada : tapakkane
Kannada meaning : all at once, slapdash
Kannada derivates : tappane, teppa quickly, suddenly, all at once; dap, dop sound in imitation of the fall of heavy bodies, and of smart slapping; dappane with the sound of dap; doppa sound imitating that of a heavy body suddenly falling or knocking against anything; doppane with the sound doppa; daba sound in imitation of the falling of heavy bodies, the slapping of blows, the pattering of running feet, the audible palpitation of the heart; dabakku sound in imitation of that produced by the falling of bundles or persons, or that produced by stones falling into mud; dabakkane with the sound of dabakku; dabbane suddenly and with the sound daba; ḍab sound produced by the sudden falling of heavy bodies; ḍabbane with the sound of ḍab
Tulu : dabakka
Tulu meaning : suddenly, headlong
Tulu derivates : dabadaba palpitation of the heart; ḍabba noise of anything falling into water
Proto-Nilgiri : *dab-
Number in DED : 3069

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