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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *daṭ-
Meaning : big
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : taṭa
Tamil meaning : large, broad, full
Tamil derivates : taṭam greatness, largeness, width, expanse, richness; taṭavu, taṭā largeness, greatness; taṭi (-pp-, -tt-) to grow large, full, become stout, swell, become enhanced, increase, grow, thicken, congeal, grow stiff, hard; taṭippu thickness, swelling, inspissation, plumpness, pride; taṭiyan_ stout, fat man, rude, senseless fellow; taṭaiiya plump; (Devanesan, p. 3) taṭimpal bulk, thickness; (NTD) taṇṭi bulkiness
Malayalam : taṭa
Malayalam meaning : large, great (e.g. taṭa-vala large fishing net)
Malayalam derivates : taṭi stout, robust; taṭikkuka to swell, become round and full, stout and heavy; taṭiccavan fat, robust; taṭippikka to fatten; taṭippu corpulency, stoutness; taṭiyan a fat, lusty person; fem. taṭicci
Kannada : daṭṭa
Kannada meaning : state of being thick, stout, robust, crowded or close together, thickset, dense
Kannada derivates : daṭṭage in a thickset manner, densely, in large numbers; daṭṭanisu to be crowded together; daṭṭane state of being thick, crowded together, close; daṭṭanna thick, dense; daṭṭayisu, daṭṭaysu to grow thick, assemble in large numbers; daṭṭitu that is thick, etc.; daṭṭu mass, crowd, host, army; daḍāṇi, daḍāli a very stout woman; daḍumu thickness, stoutness; daḍḍa closeness, union; daṇḍi greatness, eminence, power
Tulu : daṭa
Tulu meaning : thickness, coarseness, closeness; thick, stout, coarse, close
Tulu derivates : daṭṭiyuni, daṭṭyuni to be dense, crowded; daḍavante a strong, powerful or influential man; (?) diḍụmbu corpulent
Proto-Nilgiri : *daṭ
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) daḍḍa big
Number in DED : 3020

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