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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *cōr-
Meaning : to flow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cōr (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to trickle down as tears, blood, or milk, fall, drop, be dropped, exude, ooze out
Tamil derivates : cōrvu falling, pouring; cōri blood, rain, shower; cori (-v-, -nt-) to flow down, rain, spill, bear in plenty, be abundant, profuse, copious, drop off as dry scales in smallpox, be scattered as rice from the husk; scatter (tr.), pour forth, effuse, shoot as arrows, shed as leaves or fruit, empty, pour out as corn from a sack, dump as sand from a cart, give away in plenty; cura (-pp-, -nt-) to spring forth, stream out, gush, flow, swell morbidly with secretion, increase by steady accumulation of wealth, secrete as milk, pour forth continuously, give abundantly; curappu welling out, flowing out, gushing out, fountain, spring, swelling; curai streaming, flowing as of milk, udder, teat of cow and other animals, milch-cow
Malayalam : cōruka
Malayalam meaning : to flow, ooze, trickle, leak
Malayalam derivates : cōrkka to drop through, melt wax; cōrcca leaking, etc.; cōri, cōra blood; coriyuka to flow down, pour, shower; pour out (tr.), shoot corn, etc., out of a sack; coriyikka to get (rice, etc.) heaped up; coriccal (rudhiram c-) menses of women, bloody flux; curakka milk to form or collect in the breast, spring forth, gush out; curattuka to give milk richly; cura giving milk; corunnal, curannal udder (cf. DED 1962)
Kannada : sōr
Kannada meaning : to drop, drip, trickle, ooze, flow as coconut water, water-drops, juice of fruit, etc., come forth as entrails; n. leaking, dropping, etc.
Kannada derivates : sōruvike, sōruha dropping, etc.; suri to flow, drop, pour as tears, blood, rain, etc.; cause to flow, pour, shower, discharge, throw in profusion, pour out, shoot out, hurl; suriyuvike flowing; surivu to pour, etc.; surisu to cause to flow, pour; sore the milk collected in the udder of cows or buffaloes
Kodagu : cōre
Kodagu meaning : blood
Kodagu derivates : (Shanmugam) cōr- to leak
Tulu : sōruni, tōruni
Tulu meaning : to leak, ooze, run
Tulu derivates : sōrtè oozing; (B-K) suri to dribble; doriyuni to flow, run out or run over as corn from a sack or bundle, fall as rain, shower, feel a limb heavy (or with DED 3523); doripuni to shoot out as corn, etc., from a sack or hundle
Proto-Nilgiri : *corǝ-
Notes : The root has been severely contaminated with other similar roots (*tōr-, *ǯōr-); some of the Tamil/Malayalam forms may go back to *ǯōr- 'to leak'.
Number in DED : 2883

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