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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *sork- (*c-)
Meaning : proud, intoxicated
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cerukku (cerukki-)
Tamil meaning : to be proud, vain, self-conceited, be elated with self-pride, be gay, lively, exult, be infatuated, increase, nurse, cherish as anger, enjoy to the full; n. haughtiness, pride, arrogance, self-conceit, exultation, elation, courage, intrepidity (as of army), infatuation, intoxication
Tamil derivates : cerukkam intoxication; cerukkan_ vain, self-conceited person; cokku (cokki-) to become languid, sleepy, enchanted, fascinated, etc.; n. stupor, torpor, dullness as produced by enchantment or drug
Malayalam : corukuka, curukuka
Malayalam meaning : to be stupified
Malayalam derivates : corukku slight intoxication, giddiness; corukkuka to feel dizzy
Kannada : sorku, sokku
Kannada meaning : to become mad, intoxicated, infatuated or rutty, grow stupid, bewildered or confused, grow proud or arrogant; n. infatuation, intoxication, rut, stupefaction, torpor, loss of consciousness
Kannada derivates : sokkuha becoming or being mad, etc.; joŋguẓi, joŋguḷi fainting, faintness
Kodagu : cokkɨ
Kodagu meaning : intoxication; fatness
Kodagu derivates : cokk- (cokki-) to be fat; (liquor) causes intoxication; cukk- (cukki-) to grow stout, fat; be proud, restive, high-spirited
Tulu : sorkụ, sorku
Tulu meaning : fat, vigour, rankness, luxuriance, lust, inordinate affection, pride, insolence
Tulu derivates : sorkuni, sorŋkuni, sokkuni to become fat, vigorous, be rank, luxuriant, be lustful, sensual, be proud, insolent; sorkelụ lust, rutting as an animal; vigorous, rank, lustful; sorkeluni to be in rut, lust after; sorkāvuni to make fat, vigorous, rank, give undue indulgence; ? cokku stupid, silly
Proto-Nilgiri : *Sok-
Notes : Tamil -e- is irregular, but cerukku seems to be the original form in any case; cokku, on the other hand, looks like a Kannada borrowing.
Number in DED : 2853

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