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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ai-
Meaning : five
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : aintu, añcu
Tamil meaning : five
Tamil derivates : ai adj. in some cpds.; aim-patu, am-patu fifty; aiñ-ñūr_u, ain-nūr_u 500; aivar five persons, the five Pāṇḍavas; aiy-aintu, aiv-aintu by fives; five fives
Malayalam : añcu
Malayalam meaning : five
Malayalam derivates : am-patu fifty; añ-ñūr_u 500; ai adj. in some cpds.; aiy-āyiram 5000; aiy-āṇṭu five years; aivar five persons; aiy-añcu by fives
Kannada : ay(i)du
Kannada meaning : five
Kannada derivates : ay adj. in some cpds.; ay-vattu fifty; ay-nūr_u 500; ayvar, aybaru five persons
Kodagu : añji
Kodagu meaning : five
Kodagu derivates : añjane fifth; aym-badɨ fifty; añ-ñūrɨ 500; ayy āṇḍɨ five years; ayy-añji by fives; ayvë five persons (in songs); ayyak ëttɨ five pairs of bullocks
Tulu : ainụ
Tulu meaning : five (things)
Tulu derivates : ainane fifth; ai adj. in some cpds.; ai-nūdu 500; aiva fifty; aiverụ, aiyerụ five persons; aikoḷu, aivoḷu five times
Proto-Nilgiri : *ai
Number in DED : 2826

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