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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *cut_-
Meaning : to revolve, twist
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cur_r_u (cur_r_i-)
Tamil meaning : to revolve, circulate, turn around, spin, take a circuitous course, wind about, wander about, be coiled, lie encircling, be giddy or dizzy; encircle, entwine, embrace, encompass, surround, wear round, coil up, roll up, whirl; n. moving round, revolving, rolling, circumference, circuit, roundabout way, surroundings, neighbourhood, coil, roll, toe-ring, surrounding wall
Tamil derivates : cur_r_am friends, attendants, kinsmen, relations, crowd; cur_r_u-mur_r_um all around, on all sides; cūr_u (cūr_i-) to surround, encompass
Malayalam : cur_r_uka
Malayalam meaning : to be about, go about, be giddy, roll round, put on
Malayalam derivates : cur_r_u what is circular, circumference, a ring; cur_r_am what is round about, friendship, love; cur_a a circle, coil, once round; cur_ayuka to turn round, wriggle; cur_ekka to roll up, wind up, tie round; cur_appu tortuosity
Kannada : suttu
Kannada meaning : to surround, encompass, wrap round, wind, roll up, go round, circumambulate; n. that surrounds, enclosure, state of being enclosed, circumference, compass, coil, cheroot, coiled metal ring, a walk round, a turn
Kannada derivates : suttisu to cause to go round, etc.; sutta round about (adv.); sutta mutta all around, completely around; suttal round about, state of being round about; suttuvike turning round, feeling giddy, etc.; cuṭṭi, cuṭṭa a thing rolled up; cheroot; (PBh.) suṭṭare a whirlwind
Kodagu : cutt- (cutti-)
Kodagu meaning : to wind around (intr., tr.), wander about
Tulu : sutta
Tulu meaning : circumference, circuit, round, about
Tulu derivates : (B-K) suttamutta round about; suttuni to wind, roll, wrap, surround (B-K suttu, huttu to wear clothes by tying them around the waist); suttāvuni to cause to wind; sunduni to wind, roll, spool; tuttuni to dress, wear, clothe (or with DED 3319); tuttu dressing; cuṭṭa cheroot, cigar
Proto-Nilgiri : *cut_-
Number in DED : 2715

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