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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *čuẓ- (*-ū-?)
Meaning : to whirl, twist
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cuẓaŋku (cuẓaŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to whirl, be tossed about
Tamil derivates : cuẓal (cuẓalv-, cuẓan_r_-) to whirl, spin, rotate, roll, turn on axis (as wheel), revolve in an orbit, roam, wander, be tossed about, driven to and fro, be agitated, troubled, distressed in mind, droop, faint, languish, be dizzy, swim as the eyes; n. whirling, revolving, curl, eddy, etc.; cuẓar_ci whirling, spinning, rotating, wandering to and fro, trouble, agitation; cuẓar_r_al giddiness; cuẓar_r_i handle as of spinning-wheel, fan; cuẓar_r_u (cuẓar_r_i-) to whirl (tr.), spin, swing round, turn, roll, brandish, flourish, wave, cause dizziness, make giddy; n. whirling, wheeling, spinning; cuẓi (-v-, -nt-) to become curved, curled, involved, form eddies as on the surface of water, screw up one's face in disgust, be cunning, guileful, be distracted, agitated; (-pp-, -tt-) to whirl as a whirlwind, form whirlpools or eddies, form curls; curl (tr.), curve, cause to roam, screw up one's face in disgust; n. whirling, vortex, eddy, curl, curved marks on head or body indicating one's luck; cuẓippu agitation; cuẓiyal curling as of hair; cuẓiyan_ deceitful person; cuẓivu circumvention, anxiety; cūẓ (-v-, -nt-) to encompass, surround, envelop, go round, hover about, flow round; (-pp-, -tt-) to wind, wrap round, surround, hover about; n. surrounding; cūẓttu (cūẓtti-) to cause to surround, involve; cūẓvu surrounding, encompassing; cūẓvōr bystanders, spectators, neighbours; cūẓal surrounding, neighbourhood
Malayalam : cuẓaluka
Malayalam meaning : to whirl, revolve, be giddy, surround
Malayalam derivates : cuẓali whirling; cuẓal revolving, vortex; cuẓalca rotation, giddiness; cuẓar_r_uka to whirl round, brandish, swing, fling; feel giddy; cuẓar_r_i a fan, a twisting machine, a fishing net; cuẓar_r_u a swinging, turn, time; cuẓar_r_ikka to cause to swing; cuẓi whirl, whirlpool, circle, curl, hinge or pivot of a door; cuẓiyuka to curl, whirl, crouch as before a conqueror, revolve in mind; cuẓivu whirlpool; cuẓikka to whirl; cuẓippu whirl, wriggling, untruth; cūẓuka to encompass, surround; cūẓa, cūẓavē round about; cūẓi surrounder, ocean
Kannada : toẓal (toẓald-)
Kannada meaning : to move round, go or turn round, revolve, roam or wander about, get perplexed or bewildered, roam over, cross in wandering about, roll
Kannada derivates : toẓakal act of turning, wandering, etc.; toẓali moving around; toẓalike wandering about, etc.; toẓalicu to cause to roam about, send about; toẓalisu id., surround; toẓaluvike roaming or wandering about; toẓasu to nauseate; tuẓi to turn round; suẓi to be turned round, go round, revolve, curl, wander, roam, walk, go, be unsteady, flicker, waver, fluctuate; n. turning round, waving, whirling, curling, moving about, motion, whirl, whirlpool, eddy, the tender still-folded leaf of a plantain, coco- or areca-nut, a vagrant, an idle or lazy man, deception, deceit, fraud; suẓivu turning or moving about, motion, going, waving, a flickering shine, glimpse; suẓisu to cause to move or go, turn round (tr.); suẓuvu, suẓuhu turning round, etc.
Tulu : sulipini, sulipuni
Tulu meaning : to whirl, go round
Tulu derivates : tulipuni, tuliyuni to churn, make butter; tuḷipuni, suḷipuni to shake, agitate, turn in a lathe; suḷi an eddy, whirlpool, ominous curve on a person, hinge; suḷiyuni to shake, be agitated as water
Proto-Nilgiri : *cuṛ-
Number in DED : 2698

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