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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *cur-u-
Meaning : to shrink
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : curuŋku (curuŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to shrink, contract, shrivel, wrinkle, lessen, dwindle, be reduced, curtailed, be puckered, creased, be furled, closed as flower, etc.
Tamil derivates : curuŋkal anything shrunk, wrinkled, wrinkle, crease; curukku (curukki-) to curtail, reduce, lessen, compress, contract, furl, close, epitomize; n. contraction, reduction, wrinkle, fold, crease, slipknot, noose, epitome; curukkam brevity, conciseness, abbreviation, epitome, shortness, contraction, decrease; cukku (cukki-) to get dry; curuḷ (curuḷv-, curuṇṭ-) to shrivel, shrink (as leaf), droop (as from heat, hunger), be reduced to severe straits; curi (-v-, -nt-) to wrinkle; (-pp-, -tt-) to get dried, contract, shrink, wrinkle; draw in (as a tortoise its head)
Malayalam : curuŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to shrivel, shrink, be contracted, wrinkled, decrease
Malayalam derivates : curukkam contraction, shortness; curukku sliding string, noose; curukkuka to contract (tr.), furl (sails), wrap, fold, reduce, shorten; cukkuka to grow dry, shrivel; cukku dry; cuŋŋuka to grow dry or lean, be reduced; cūḷuka to shrink, contract; cūḷal shrinking; coŋku withered
Kannada : surku, sukku
Kannada meaning : to contract, shrivel, shrink, fade
Kannada derivates : surku, sukku, suŋku, sokku contracting, shrivelling, shrinking, a wrinkle; soragu to wither, grow dry or sapless, sink away, grow lean; soraṭu state of being contracted, shrivelled, as a leaf; suruḷ to contract, shrivel, shrink, fear; suruṭu, suruṇṭu to become shrivelled or contracted; suruḷcu to cause to contract, etc.; (Hav.) cirṇṭelu shrunken
Tulu : suruṇṭuni, suruṭuni, sirṇṭuni, sirnduni
Tulu meaning : to shrivel, contract, shrink
Tulu derivates : suruṇṭu, suruṭu contraction, shrivelling; surugu sinking, sliding; sirkuni, tirkuni to fade, shrivel, become weak, lean, fall off; sirkāvuni, tirkāvuni to cause to fade, make lean, weaken; sirkụ fading, shrivelling, weakness, faintness; juruŋguni to hesitate, be reluctant; nurluni (?) to wind up, fold, shrink
Proto-Nilgiri : *curǝ-
Number in DED : 2687

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