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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *cilk-
Meaning : to be entangled
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cikku (cikki-)
Tamil meaning : to become entangled, complicated, be caught, ensnared, be obtained; n. tangle, twist, intricacy, snare, entanglement
Tamil derivates : cikk-en_a firmly, tenaciously, tightly, closely; ciŋku (ciŋki-) to be caught; ikal intricacy, obscurity, involvedness; ? ciṭukku a tangle
Malayalam : cikku
Malayalam meaning : being entangled, intricacy
Malayalam derivates : cikkuka to be entangled
Kannada : sikku, sigu (sikk-), sirku, siliku, siluku, silku
Kannada meaning : to become entangled, be caught, fall into the hands of, be got
Kannada derivates : sikku, sirku, silku state of being entangled, entanglement, intricacy, impediment, obstacle, trouble
Kodagu : cikk- (cikki-)
Kodagu meaning : to become entangled
Tulu : sikkuni, tikkuni
Tulu meaning : to be ensnared, caught, seized, obtained
Tulu derivates : sikkāvuni, tikkāvuni to ensnare, entangle, button; sikkụ, tikkụ entanglement, intricacy, perplexity, distress; sikkaṭṭụ, tikkaṭṭụ labyrinth, intricacy; tikkaṭuni to be matted, be entangled, intricate; silkuni to be entangled, be perplexed; salkuni to be entangled; salkāvuni to entangle; (B-K) tirkụ, sirkụ entanglement, difficulty
Proto-Nilgiri : *cik-
Number in DED : 2498

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