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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *sār-
Meaning : to reach; to rely on
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : cār (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to reach, approach, depend upon, take shelter in, be near to, be associated or connected with, unite, be related to, resemble, lean on, recline against; n. joining, uniting, place, situation, side
Tamil derivates : cārpu place, side, help, support, refuge, shelter, attachment, birth, bias, partiality, friendship, approximation, nearness; cārvu place, residence, pial, refuge, basis, help, support, means, attachment, vicinity, partiality; cārntōr relatives, friends; cārttu (cārtti-) to cause to lean, support, join, unite, connect; cārcci leaning, uniting, connexion, approach, support; cārppu sloping roof; cāral drawing near, side, slope of mountain; cāri side, wing, row, series; cāttu (cātti-) to close as a door (= cārttu); ār (-v-, -nt-) to combine with, belong to
Malayalam : cāruka
Malayalam meaning : to lean against, rely upon, be attached to, be shut, place against, put on
Malayalam derivates : cāra bending sideways, nigh, close; cāral leaning against, inclination, side, declivity of hill, support; cārikka to lay aginst in order to support, shut the door; cārnnavar kinsmen; cārcca relation by blood; cārttu joining, assemblage; cārttuka to join as wood, put on dress, adorn, throw on (see DEDR 2449); cārttikka to adorn as an image with flowers
Kannada : sār
Kannada meaning : to come or go near or to, approach, be or become near, join, associate oneself to, come to hand, be obtained, come about, come or go, be applied or used
Kannada derivates : sāraṇ nearness, proximity; sāre being near, nearness, proximity, union; sārke approach, nearness, proximity; sārcu to make oneself come or go near or to, go near, approach; make go or come near or to, apply to, put to, on, or in, put; ār to be united
Kodagu : cāce
Kodagu meaning : relationship, kinship
Tulu : sārti
Tulu meaning : encountering, meeting, happening, occurring
Proto-Nilgiri : *sārĭ
Number in DED : 2460

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