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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *eḷ-i-
Meaning : small, weak, mean, poor
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : eḷimai, eḷumai
Tamil meaning : despicableness, lowness of rank, circumstances, or character, poverty, weakness, depression of spirit
Tamil derivates : eḷi (-pp-, -tt-) to cry down, disparage; eḷiñar the poor; eḷitaravu humility, poverty; eḷiyavan_, eḷiyan_ poor man, man of low caste; eḷḷu (eḷḷi-) to ignore, disregard, ridicule; eḷku (eḷki-) to despise, slight; eṇmai lowness of rank or condition; iḷamai inferiority, baseness; iḷappam id., meanness, flimsiness
Malayalam : eḷi
Malayalam meaning : to be light, slight
Malayalam derivates : iḷappam slightness, worthlessness; iḷama inferiority, lowliness
Kannada : iḷi
Kannada meaning : (PBh.) to become sapless or weak
Kannada derivates : iḷisu to make less or low
Tulu : elli, ellya
Tulu meaning : small, inferior, mean
Number in DED : 0856

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