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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *eŋ-c-
Meaning : remainder, leftovers
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : eccam
Tamil meaning : remainder, remains of food, spittle, whatever has come in contact with the mouth (as defiling), dung of birds, lizards, etc.; deficiency, defect
Tamil derivates : eccil saliva, spittle, anything defiled by contact with the mouth, anything defiled, refuse of food, leavings, excretions from the body (as faeces, urine, semen), leavings of sacrificial oblation made of pounded rice; eccilār persons defiled by contact with eccil, low-caste people, untouchables; eccu defect; eñcu (eñci-) to remain, be left behind, survive, lack, be deficient, be spoiled, marred, transgress; eñcal defect, blemish, extinction; eñcalār strangers; eñcali (-pp-, -tt-) to bring discredit upon, cause degradation, cause discomfiture
Malayalam : eccil, iccil
Malayalam meaning : remains and refuse of victuals
Malayalam derivates : ecci remains of victuals; eccam excrements of lizards, flies; eñcuka to become surplus
Kannada : eñjal
Kannada meaning : that which in eating is left on the plates, sticks to the mouth or hands, or falls to the ground, that of which a piece is bitten off, i. e. all food or drink which has somehow come in contact with the mouth or hands of the eater and therefore is regarded as impure
Kannada derivates : eñjalisu to defile; (Hal.) nɛñjǝla spittle, food or drink which has come in contact with the mouth and is regarded as impure
Kodagu : ecci
Kodagu meaning : scraps of food that fall to the floor during meal
Proto-Nilgiri : *ecĭl
Number in DED : 0780

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