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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ūr_-
Meaning : to spring, flow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ūr_u (ūr_i-)
Tamil meaning : to spring, flow (as water in a well), issue, ooze, percolate, soak, be steeped, gather (as milk in the breast, toddy in palm flowers), water (as the mouth)
Tamil derivates : ūr_al small spring, spring-water, oozing, percolation, juice extracted by squeezing; ūr_r_u (ūr_r_i-) to pour out, cause to flow, spill, pour out, cast away as useless, empty or clear (as a vessel of its contents), extract (as oil from castor seeds by boiling them); n. flowing, gushing forth (blood from an artery, milk from the udder, pouring of rut from a must elephant), spring, fountain, moisture oozing from the ground; ? ūṭṭi rain; ur_ai (-pp-, -tt-) to drop (as rain), form (as dew); n. leaking, drop of water, rain; ur_avi spring, fountain; uvar_u (uvar_i-) to spring up, well up; uvar_r_u (uvar_r_i-) to cause to swell up; to flow; uvan_r_i fountain, head of water
Malayalam : ūr_uka
Malayalam meaning : to spring, ooze, (mouth) waters
Malayalam derivates : ūr_al, ūr_u, ūr_r_u sediment, lees, dregs, precipitate; ūr_r_uka to pour out carefully, strain, filter; ūr_r_i eṭukka to take butter out of buttermilk, oil from the water in which oilseeds were boiled; ur_akka to spring, ooze out; ur_avu, ur_ava, ur_r_u fountain, spring; ur_ekka to pour gently; ur_r_ikka to dribble; ur_r_al a drop; ? uṭṭam eṭukka water to come up as in well-watered fields; or_r_uka to drip; or_r_ikkuka to dribble, let fall in drops
Kannada : ūr_u
Kannada meaning : to spring as water, ooze, leak out, be soaked, steeped
Kannada derivates : ūr_isu to steep, soak; ūṭe a natural spring of water; or_e to ooze, ooze out, spring, drip; or_ate a spring, hole dug in dry bed of a stream where water oozes in; or_ale oozing; or_avu a spring; ojjara, vajjara, vajjarakke a spring, fountain; osar to ooze, trickle; let ooze out; n. oozing, etc.; ? ubbe rain
Kodagu : utt- (utti-)
Kodagu meaning : to ooze
Tulu : ūjuni, ūsuni
Tulu meaning : to ooze
Tulu derivates : ūselụ oozing, filthy; ūṭi a spring, fountain; uja fountain, spring; uje-pattuni to ooze, percolate, trickle; ugguni to spirt; uggelụ a well (or with DEDR 1010); oraka a watery place; voratè source, spring, fountain; osaruni to ooze, leak; osarụ spring, fountain
Proto-Nilgiri : *ūr_-
Number in DED : 0761

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