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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ūd-
Meaning : to blow
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ūtu (ūti-)
Tamil meaning : to blow (as a wind instrument, a fire), blow out (as a lamp), blow or breathe upon to allay pain, refine with fire (as gold); be inflated, swell (as the stomach after eating), blow with bellows or blow-pipe; n. trumpet (esp. toy trumpet), musical pipe
Tamil derivates : ūtal cold wind, swelling, toy trumpet, small pipe; ūtai wind, gale, cold wind; ūttam swelling, puffing up of the limbs or body; ūttu blowing a musical instrument, sound of a wind instrument, swelling of body; uti (-pp-, -tt-) to swell, increase in size (or with DBIA 44); (Devanesan) ūti a wind instrument
Malayalam : ūtuka
Malayalam meaning : to blow (as fire, wind instrument), hiss, be puffed up, swell
Malayalam derivates : ūttu blowing, hissing, swelling, greatness; uti a metalworker's bellows; utikkuka to hiss, puff (as a snake); utippu hissing
Kannada : ūdu
Kannada meaning : to blow, purify or refine metal with the blow-pipe, become inflated, be puffed up, swell, be distended; n. blowing, swelling, swollen state
Kannada derivates : ūdalu, ūdike blowing, swelling; ūdisu to cause to blow, cause to refine metal with the blow pipe, cause to swell; ūbu to blow; (Hav.) ūpu to blow
Tulu : ūduni
Tulu meaning : to blow (as a pipe), swell
Proto-Nilgiri : *ūd-
Number in DED : 0741

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