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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ur_-
Meaning : to happen; to be
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ur_u (ur_uv-, ur_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to be, happen, dwell, be desirable, useful, be joined, come in contact with, touch, love
Tamil derivates : ur_r_atu that which has happened, event, truth, fact; ur_uttu (ur_utti-) to cause to be, bring in contact, clap; ur_uttal bringing into contact; ur_uppu body, limb; ur_ai (-v-, -nt-) to reside, dwell; n. place of residence; ur_aivu abiding, abode; ur_aivi woman resident; ur_a near, nigh; (-pp-, -nt-) to crowd, be close together; ur_al being near, relationship; ur_avi relationship; ur_avu id., friendship, love; ur_aŋku (ur_aŋki-) to dwell, abide; ur_aẓ (-v-, -nt-) to be close, dense, crowded; ūr_u joining, approaching; sense of touch
Malayalam : ur_uka
Malayalam meaning : to be joined
Malayalam derivates : ur_r_a close, near; ur_r_u near, closely; ur_uppu the breast with the shoulders; ur_ayuka to stay; ur_avu nearness, relationship
Kannada : ur_u (urt-, utt-)
Kannada meaning : to be, stay, come about, arise
Kannada derivates : ur_isu to bear, hold out; ur_e nicely, well; or_al to be attached to, love; n. attachment, love; uppu love, esp. doting affection; being, abiding; protection, esp. of a place marked out by lines in a game; ūr_u to be, exist, stay, reside
Tulu : untuni
Tulu meaning : to stand, remain, stop
Tulu derivates : untāvuni to cause to stand up, detain; uppuni to be, exist, live in; have, possess (with dative of person); help, protect; uppēruni cattle to copulate (ēruni to climb)
Proto-Nilgiri : *ur_-ǝp-
Miscellaneous : KOR (M) ujji to keep
Number in DED : 0710

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