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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *Ir_-a-
Meaning : to descend
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ir_aŋku (ir_aŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to descend, alight, fall (as rain), disembark, settle into place, halt, abate (as poison, small-pox, etc., which are supposed to pass away from the head downward), bow respectfully, fall from a high state
Tamil derivates : ir_aŋkal place of descent, of debarkation; ir_akku (ir_akki-) to lower, let down, put down (load), unload; n. unburdening, discharging; ir_ai (-v-, -nt-) to bow before (as in salutation), worship; ir_aiñcu (ir_aiñci-) id., fall down, hang low (as a cluster of coconuts), bow, bend
Malayalam : ir_aŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to descend, go down, disembark, be swallowed
Malayalam derivates : ir_akkuka to put down, unlade, expel, swallow; ir_akkam descending, slope, abatement, ebb; ir_añcuka to adore, make obeisance; ir_ayuka to bow, salute; ir_avu a valley, descending slope
Kannada : er_agu
Kannada meaning : to bow, be bent, crouch, come down, alight, fall upon, attack, enter, join, accrue to; n. a bow, obeisance
Kannada derivates : er_agisu to cause to bow, etc.; er_aka coming down, etc.; er_aguha bowing, coming down, perching, etc.
Kodagu : ëraŋg- (ëraŋgi-)
Kodagu meaning : (food, liquid) slips down throat, goes down slowly
Kodagu derivates : ërak- (ëraki-) to let slip down throat slowly
Tulu : eraguni
Tulu meaning : to bow, fall upon, seize, alight
Tulu derivates : ekkuni to ebb, decline; jappuni to descend, alight; jappelụ descent, slope, ebb; japuḍuni to let down, lower; jāpini, jāpuni to be unloaded; jāpāvuni to put down a load; jāpelụ putting down, as a load
Proto-Nilgiri : *ir_ǝ-
Miscellaneous : IRU r_aŋgu /r_āŋgu̇ to descend; BEL (LSB) ija to climb down; KOR (O, T) jāvu to descend
Number in DED : 0516

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