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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *Iḷ-ai-
Meaning : young
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : iḷa, iḷam, iḷai
Tamil meaning : young, tender
Tamil derivates : iḷa-nīr tender coconut milk, tender coconut; iḷai youth, tender age; iḷaimai youth; iḷaicci younger sister; iḷaiñan_ younger brother, lad, young man; iḷaitu that which is young and not fully developed; iḷaiyar youths, young men, servants; iḷaiyavar, iḷaiyār young women; iḷaiyavan_ younger person, lad, youth, younger brother; iḷaiyan_, iḷaiyān_, iḷaiyōn_ younger brother; iḷaku (iḷaki-) to sprout afresh, send forth tender shoots; iḷacu that which is young or tender; iḷantai youth, tender years; iḷamai childhood, youth, tenderness, immaturity of knowledge and intellect, amorousness; iḷaval younger brother, lad, son
Malayalam : iḷa
Malayalam meaning : tender, young, weak
Malayalam derivates : iḷa-nīr unripe coconut; iḷappam state of being young, juvenility, tenderness; iḷama youth, tender age, junior rāja; iḷayavan young, younger
Kannada : eḷ, eḷa, eḷe
Kannada meaning : tenderness, youth, weakness, moderation
Kannada derivates : eḷa-nīr water of an unripe coconut; eḷaku young age; eḷatu, eḷadu, eḷedu that is tender, young; eḷetana tenderness, youth
Kodagu : ëḷeë
Kodagu meaning : youth
Tulu : eḷatụ, eḷe
Tulu meaning : tender, green, not fully grown
Tulu derivates : lattụ young, tender, unripe, green, imperfect; ellyāye a youth, junior, minor; lambu tender; lambè a tender fruit
Proto-Nilgiri : *eḷä
Number in DED : 0513

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