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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *āẓ-
Meaning : to sink; depth, deep
Tamil : āẓ (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to sink, plunge, dive, be deep, be absorbed, immersed, overwhelmed, fall down
Tamil derivates : āẓttu (āẓtti-) to immerse, plunge (tr.); āẓvār one who is deep in meditation on the Supreme Being, the ten Vaiṣṇava canonized saints, title of Jain and Buddhist saints; āẓvān_ the sun; āẓvu, āẓam depth; āẓā (-pp-, -nt-) to be immersed, absorbed; āẓi the sea, as the deep; seashore; aẓuvam depth, pit, deep sea
Malayalam : āẓam
Malayalam meaning : depth, deep place
Malayalam derivates : āẓi the deep, ocean; āẓuka to sink; āẓa, āẓē deeply; āẓttuka, āttuka to sink, immerse (tr.); āẓuvār, āḷvār title of the twelve Viṣṇu saints
Kannada : āẓ (āẓd-), āẓu, āẓdu
Kannada meaning : to sink in a fluid, immerse, dive, sink, be lowered, be deep
Kannada derivates : āẓa state of being deep, depth, being pressed down, humiliation; āẓi depth, craftiness, deceit, trickery; āẓvar title of the twelve Vaiṣṇava saints; aẓ (aẓd-, add-) to sink in a fluid, be immersed
Kodagu : āḷa
Kodagu meaning : depth
Tulu : āḷa
Tulu meaning : depth, deep, profound
Proto-Nilgiri : *āḷ-/*āṛ-
Number in DED : 0396

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