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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *āḍ-
Meaning : to move; to dance, play
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : āṭu (āṭi-)
Tamil meaning : to move (intr.), wave, swing, shake, dance, act a part or play, play, sport, cohabit, fight, go, wander about; say, do, enjoy
Tamil derivates : āṭal shaking, moving, dancing, trouble, doing, play, coition, saying, fight; āṭi dancer; āṭicci a woman of the acrobat community; āṭṭu (āṭṭi-) to move (tr.), wave, swing, shake, drive away, harass, conquer, cause to dance; n. dancing, play; āṭṭam motion, vibration, swinging, play, game, one's turn in a game, dance, moving about; āṭṭai turn in a game; āṭṭi one who makes to dance (in cpds., e. g. pāmp-āṭṭi); aṭu (-pp-, -tt-) to dance
Malayalam : āṭuka
Malayalam meaning : to wave, swing, rock, shake, totter, dance
Malayalam derivates : āṭikka to make to dance (e. g. a snake); āṭal shaking, trembling, agitation, grief, dancing; āṭṭuka to press oil, hunt, drive away; āṭṭam play, dance; āṭṭu swinging, dance, play, hunting
Kannada : āḍu, āṭu
Kannada meaning : to be in motion, move about, wag, wave, swing, shake, play, dance, act on stage, speak, sound (as a musical instrument), abuse; n. motion, playing, etc.
Kannada derivates : āḍisu to cause to move, set in motion, cause to play, cause to dance or act, cause to speak; āṭisu to set (the mind) in motion, long for, hanker after; (PBh.) āṭar (āṭand-) to fall upon; āḍi that moves, plays, performs, speaks; āḍike, āṭike motion, play, talk; āḍiga one who moves about, etc., actor; āḍitana, āḍuvike, āḍuha, āṭalu, āṭale, āṭlu, āṭle moving, playing, etc.; āḍisuvike causing to move, etc.; āṭa, āṭu motion, play, dance, gambling, speaking; āṭaka sport, amusement; āṭavika, āṭi player, actor, gamester; āṭa(ŋ)guḷi player, gambler, dancer; āḍukuḷi, āḍuŋguḷi person addicted to play
Kodagu : ād- (āḍi-)
Kodagu meaning : to move violently, dance
Kodagu derivates : āṭ- (āṭi-) to make to move violently, drive (cattle); āḍɨ a dance
Tulu : āḍuni
Tulu meaning : to move (intr., tr.), swing, shake
Tulu derivates : āḍāvuni to agitate, shake; āḍēvuni to be moving, vibrating; āḍele an unsteady man, a vagabond; āṭa amusement, sport, game, a play
Proto-Nilgiri : *āḍ-
Number in DED : 0347

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