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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *ā-, *ā-g-
Meaning : to be
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : ā (ān_-, āyi-), āku (āki-)
Tamil meaning : to come into existence, happen, be, be fit, agreeable, be like, equal
Tamil derivates : ā becoming; ā (-pp-, -tt-) to cause, bring about; ākku (ākki-) to effect, make, cause to be, create, arrange; n. creation; ākkam creation, increase, prosperity; ākkan_ that which is artificial; ākkiyōn_ creator, author of a book; ākkum perhaps, indeed; āka completely, in that fashion; adverbial suffix; ām yes, so, expressing assent, recollection (< ākum); ākātu no
Malayalam : ākuka
Malayalam meaning : to be that, become that, be what it ought to be, be right, be possible
Malayalam derivates : ākkuka to make to be that; place, put, employ; ākkikka to cause to make; ākkam what one puts, contentment, strength, continuance; āka altogether, being, so as to be; ākum it will be thus, just so; ām id., interj. of agreeing
Kannada : āgu (ān-, āy-, etc.), agu
Kannada meaning : (rare) to come into existence, happen, become, prove to be, be, etc.; n. becoming, coming to pass
Kannada derivates : āgisu to cause to become, bring about, perform; āguvike, āguha becoming, happening, etc.; -āgi adverbial suffix; āṃ interj. of assent of reconciliation
Kodagu : āg-
Kodagu meaning : (irregular with stems āy-, ān, ā-) to become
Kodagu derivates : āku yes, all right; āk- (āki-) to make to stay in a place; aynɨ (? āynɨ) genuine, true; aynɨ mane central house of family
Tulu : āpini
Tulu meaning : (irregular forms, including 2 sg. neut. past āṇḍụ) to be, become, grow, happen, occur, fit, suit, be possible, be related to
Tulu derivates : āvu it may be or may happen; yes
Proto-Nilgiri : *ā-
Number in DED : 0333

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