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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *aẓal-
Meaning : to burn, shine
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : aẓal (aẓalv-, aẓan_r-)
Tamil meaning : to burn, glow, shine, be acrid, become angry, envy; n. fire, flame, heat, pungency, rage
Tamil derivates : (Koll.) aṇal warmth; aẓalavan_, aẓalōn_ Agni, sun; aẓali fire; aẓalikkai burning smart; aẓar_ci burning sensation, pungency, rage, envy, inflammation in cattle; aẓar_r_u (aẓar_r_i-) to burn (tr.), heat, cause smarting (as a burn, caustic, poison), irritate; aẓar_r_i that which causes burning; aẓan_am heat, fire; aẓukku envy; aẓukkar_u (aẓakkar_i-) to be envious; aẓukkār_u envy; aẓuŋku (aẓuŋki-) to suffer, be in distress, anguish, grieve, sorrow, regret; aẓuŋkal affliction, compassion, pity; aẓukkam care, anxiety, concern; aṭalai trouble, distress (prob. < Te.)
Malayalam : aẓal
Malayalam meaning : heat, fire, heat of pepper, brightness, inflammation, grief
Malayalam derivates : aẓaluka to burn (as a wound, the eye from pepper), be chafed, burn from grief, envy, or lust; aẓalca excessive heat, inflammation; aẓar_r_uka to burn as with pepper, afflict
Kannada : aẓal (aẓald-), aḍalu (< Te.)
Kannada meaning : to grieve, be afflicted; n. grief
Kannada derivates : aẓaṭu to be in anguish (as the sick in a violent fever); aẓalike state of being afflicted; aẓalcu to make sorrowful, harass; aẓkaja, akkaja envy, jealousy; (PBh.) aẓv- to burn
Tulu : arluni
Tulu meaning : to burn, blaze, smart
Tulu derivates : aratè, aradè heat, burning, impetuosity; (B-K.) areggālo hot season, summer
Proto-Nilgiri : *aṛǝl-
Notes : This DEDR entry obviously contains two different stems. One has to be reconstructed as PSDR *aẓal-, present ubiquitously with the original meaning 'to burn' (but always with the secondary semantics of 'smart' as well). The other is *aẓ[u]-k-, found almost exclusively in Tamil (possibly also in such Kannaḍa forms as aẓkaja, akkaja, but these may actually belong elsewhere, see Mal. aẓivu, etc.).
Number in DED : 0276

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