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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *alamb- ~ *alar_-
Meaning : to chatter
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : allappan_
Tamil meaning : a chatterer
Tamil derivates : alappu (alappi-) to chatter, prattle, talk nonsense; alampu (alampi-) to sound, tinkle; alampal a loud noise; alavalai babbler; alavalaimai babbling; alavai woman that chatters ceaselessly; alar idle talk, gossip; alar_u (alar_i-) to roar, bellow, bleat, weep aloud, sorrow; alar_al loud cry, great sound; alar_r_u (alar_r_i-) to talk unceasingly and irregularly
Malayalam : alappan
Malayalam meaning : chatterer, prattler
Malayalam derivates : alappu chattering, confused noise; alavan loquacious babbler; alar_uka to roar, bellow, cry (as elephant, tiger, woman in labour); alarcca roaring, etc.; aḷavan boaster, exaggerator
Kannada : alar_u
Kannada meaning : (PBh.) to cry aloud
Miscellaneous : IRU lāru to shout, roar, (woman) gossips
Notes : SDR presents evidence for two different stems, most probably descended from the same bisyllabic root *ala-. Not quite clear is the geminated -ll- in Tamil allappan_ (cf. its absence in Mal. alappan; possibly an irregularity of expressive character).
Number in DED : 0245

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