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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *am- ~ *am-ŋ-
Meaning : to press, sink
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : amuŋku (amuŋki-)
Tamil meaning : to sink, be pressed down, crushed (as by a weight), mashed (as ripe fruit)
Tamil derivates : amukku (amukki-) to crush, press, squeeze (as a fruit, a boil), press down, press in or under (as a vessel into water), overcome, repress; n. pressure (as in a nightmare), thing that compresses, incumbent weight; amukkan_, amukki nightmare
Malayalam : amuŋŋuka
Malayalam meaning : to sink, settle, be squeezed (as hand in hand)
Malayalam derivates : amukkuka, amakkuka to press down, squeeze, knead, turn food in mouth; amaŋŋuka to be pressed down; amukkam, amukkal, amukku, amakku the act of pressing down, squeezing, compressing; ampikkuka to press down; ammuka to be pressed, subside
Kannada : amugu, avugu
Kannada meaning : to yield to pressure (as the surface of a ripe fruit or tumour)
Kannada derivates : amuku, amiku, avuku, avuŋku to press or hold firmly, squeeze, trouble; avuŋku pressing or holding firmly; amucu, avacu, avucu to press, hold firmly, confine, embrace
Tulu : avuŋkuni, auŋkuni
Tulu meaning : to press down
Tulu derivates : amepuni, amaṭupattuni to press, hold in the arms, hug; avumpuni to press
Proto-Nilgiri : *amǝ-g-
Notes : In DEDR 169 this stem is frequently confused with *amai- ~ *amar- 'to be united, join, crowd together', right down to several forms included in both entries at the same time. Nevertheless, although some semantic contamination is possible, and both stems may be related on some higher level, they are clearly distinguished in SDR at least, and I prefer to only include forms with final -ŋ- (-k- in the corresponding transitive stem) here, as well as the possibly archaic monosyllabic suffixless variant (as seen in Mal. ammuka).
Number in DED : 0169

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