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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *amai- ~ *amar-
Meaning : to get close; to join
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : amar (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to get close to, resemble, be suitable, wish, desire, do, perform
Tamil derivates : amai (-v-, -nt-) to crowd together, be close, be attached, connected, joined, suffice, prepare (oneself), be suitable, appropriate, be complete, prepare; (-pp-, -tt-) to effect, accomplish, create, appoint, institute, bring together, prepare, get ready; n. fitness, beauty; amaiti being attached, joined, nature of a thing, abundance, occasion, opportunity, deed, action; amaippu structure, constitution, destiny, fate; amaivu being acceptable, suitable, fitting
Malayalam : amarkka
Malayalam meaning : to press down, subdue
Malayalam derivates : amarttu piṭikka to grasp tightly; amarcca subjection, severity
Kannada : amar (amard-)
Kannada meaning : to be closely united, gather in a mass, be connected with, be produced, arise, appear, be fit or agreeable, be nice or becoming, be known or famous, fit, agree with, seize firmly, embrace
Kannada derivates : amarike, amarke fitness, agreeing with (as a ring with the size of the finger), state of being closely joined; amarisu, amarcu to cause (a person) to join or stick by, prepare, do fitly, make ready
Tulu : amarige
Tulu meaning : heap
Tulu derivates : amariyuni, amaryuni to cleave to; amaruni to seize, touch, hold; amāruni to suit, fit, embrace, hold, a plant to twine; amarāvuni to hold fast
Proto-Nilgiri : *amä-p-
Notes : Some of the forms (notably all the Malayalam entries) have been entered a second time or relocated to PSDR *amu- by Burrow & Emeneau.
Number in DED : 0162

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