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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *aṇai ~ *anḍ-
Meaning : to approach; to join
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : aṇai (-v-, -nt-)
Tamil meaning : to approach, come near, touch, come in contact with, copulate with
Tamil derivates : (-pp-, -tt-) to join, put close (as earth to a tree), embrace, hold, tie, fasten (as animals), tie up in a bunch; n. coition; a yoke of oxen; aṇaippu embracing; area that can be ploughed by two pairs of oxen in one day; aṇmai, aṇumai, aṇimai nearness, proximity; aṇavu (aṇavi-) to go near, approach, come close to, embrace; aṇāvu (aṇāvi-) to approach; aṇa (-pp-, -nt-) to be joined, united; aṇaŋku (aṇaŋki-) id.; aṇi (-v-, -nt-) to join with (tr.); adv. near; aṇiyan_ who is near by; aṇuku (aṇuki-) to approach; aṇukkam, aṇukku nearness, proximity; aṇukkan_ one who is near, intimate; fem. aṇukki; aṇṇu (aṇṇi-) to approach, draw near, join, unite with; aṇṇimai nearness; aṇṇaṇi in close proximity; aṇmu (aṇmi-), aṇpu (aṇpi-) to approach; aṇṭu (aṇṭi-) to approach, take refuge in; aṇṭai nearness, vicinity
Malayalam : aṇayuka
Malayalam meaning : to approach, arrive
Malayalam derivates : aṇavu arrival, closeness, love; aṇekka to bring into contact, embrace, hug; aṇa yoke, pair; aṇukuka to approach; aṇaccal embracing, drawing near; aṇappu embracing, an embrace; aṇayam vicinity, neighbourhood; (Kauṭ.) aṇukkan one who is near; intimate; aṇṭa nearness, proximity; aṇṭuka, aṇṇuka, aṇpuka to approach
Kannada : aṇe, aṇi
Kannada meaning : to come near, come in contact, touch, embrace
Kannada derivates : aṇe approach; aṇi joining, fitness, order; aṇiyara fitness; aṇasu that holds firmly together, a ferrule; a throng; aṇugu nearness; aṇṭu to come or be in contact with, touch (intr., tr.), embrace; n. menses (? < Te.); aṇṭisu to place in contact; aṇḍisu to go near, approach, resort to, come or go to for protection; aṇḍu going near, an approach, a resort; aṇḍe nearness, approach, side of anything
Kodagu : aṇḍa
Kodagu meaning : side
Tulu : aṇepuni
Tulu meaning : to come in contact, press
Tulu derivates : anepini, anepuni to touch, hug, embrace; aṇasụ a handle, hilt
Proto-Nilgiri : *anḍ-
Notes : With a certain effort one could trace back all of these forms to a single monosyllabic protostem *aṇ-; however, there is no guarantee that such is indeed the case. Two forms that continuously crop up all over SDR are the bisyllabic stem *aṇai-, with a simple retroflex nasal, and the monosyllabic stem *anḍ- with a retroflex cluster. Most of the other stems (aṇi-, aṇa-, aṇ-) are only found in the Tamil area and may reflect dialectalisms or latter day contaminations. As to whether *aṇai- and *anḍ- go back to the same source, this is somewhat questionable. They are certainly two different entities on the PSDR level, albeit with similar meanings; on that level, there was no productive model according to which *aṇai- could become *anḍ- or vice versa.
Number in DED : 0120

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