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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *agal-
Meaning : to spread
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : akal (akalv-, akan_r_-)
Tamil meaning : to spread, widen, extend, depart, go away
Tamil derivates : akalam, (Tinn.) avalam width, extent, expanse, greatness, earth, sky; akali (-pp-, -tt-) to broaden out, enlarge (intr.); akaluḷ width, expanse, greatness, earth, town, village, country; akalvu extent, expanse; akar_ci breadth, separation, ascetic life; akar_r_u (akar_r_i-) to widen (tr.), broaden, extend, remove, expel, banish; akar_al extension; akavu (akavi-) to become long, lengthen out; ālam breadth; ār_r_u (ār_r_i-) to remove, put away; ān_r_a wide; ān_r_al extension, width
Malayalam : akaluka
Malayalam meaning : to become extended, distant, part, retire
Malayalam derivates : akalca separation, distance; akar_r_uka to extend (tr.), open, remove, put away; akattuka to distend; akalam breadth, distance; ālam breadth; akala, akalē far off, aside
Kannada : agal (agald-)
Kannada meaning : to be spacious, extensive, separate from, go away
Kannada derivates : agala space, width, extension; agalike separation from; agalcu to spread out, remove; agundale extensiveness, greatness; (PBh.) agunti greatness, vastness
Tulu : agapuni
Tulu meaning : to depart; to separate (tr.), to extend
Tulu derivates : agapāvuni to send away, cause to depart; agela breadth; (B-K.) agelụ to go apart, widen
Proto-Nilgiri : *ag-
Notes : The auslaut -al - on SDR grounds at least - forms part of the root (Tamil ālam < dial. *agalam; Toda ox in ox ɨn-, etc. may be a contraction from earlier *oxl- < *agal-).
Number in DED : 0008

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