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South Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-South Dravidian : *aga-
Meaning : inside
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Tamil : akam
Tamil meaning : inside, house, place, agricultural tract, breast, mind
Tamil derivates : akattān_ one who is in, householder; ōr-akatti, ōr-akattāḷ husband's brother's wife [i. e. she who is in one and the same house with oneself]; akakkāẓ, akaŋkāẓ heart of a tree; akaŋkai, aŋkai palm of the hand; aka-ppaṭu to be included, be obtained; akaṭu interior, belly, middle, impartiality; akaṇi inside, interior, agricultural tract; akappu depth; akampu inside; akal inner part of town or village; akavai inside, age within a certain limit; a locative ending; akalam breast; ākam body, breast, mind, heart
Malayalam : akam
Malayalam meaning : inside, abode, house, room
Malayalam derivates : akattu within, in the house; akattān master of the house; akattāḷ mistress of the house; akattōn indoor servant; fem. akattōḷ; akaŋkai palm of hand; akaŋkāl sole of foot; akā, akāyi inside of house, room; akaṭu, akiṭu udder; aka-ppeṭuka, āppeṭuka to get into, be caught, befall; aka-ppeṭukka to catch
Kannada : aŋ-gāl
Kannada meaning : sole of the foot
Kannada derivates : ōragitti, vāragitti husband's brother's wife; aŋ-gey palm of the hand; āge, āga in, into
Kodagu : aŋgay
Kodagu meaning : palm of hand
Kodagu derivates : aŋgālɨ sole of foot
Tulu : aŋgai
Tulu meaning : palm of the hand
Tulu derivates : aŋgārụ sole of the foot
Proto-Nilgiri : *ak-
Number in DED : 0007

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