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North Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-North-Dravidian : *āq-
Meaning : to know
Dravidian etymology: Dravidian etymology
Kurukh : axnā (axcas, akkhas) "to know, realize, experience, mistake for"
Malto : āge (aqqa) "to know, understand"
Notes : The lack of vowel length in Kurukh is probably secondary (possibly due to the influence of nominal derivatives where the vowel was shortened before clusters). Inlaut -g-, -g̣- in Malto and -x- in Kurukh point to PNDR *-q- (PNDR *āq-nā > Kurukh ax-nā, PNDR pret. *āq-as > Kurukh akkh-as with the regular gemination *-q- > *-qq- > -kkh-). The preterite form in Malto - with gemination, no less - is unclear.
Additional forms : Also KUR axkā, akhkā knowledge, experience; MLT āg̣re to get accustomed to.
Number in DED : 17

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