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Nilgiri etymology :

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Proto-Nilgiri : *e-, *ej-
Meaning : interrogative base
South Dravidian etymology: South Dravidian etymology
Kota : evn, evḷ, evr, ed/edn/ēd/en "which man, which woman, which persons, which thing or things"
Toda : ēɵ (obl. personal ēn-), pl. ēɵām "which person or thing"
Additional forms : Also Kota adj. e (before consonant), ey (before vowel); ey, ēd where; eyk whither; eytr whence; eyōn, eyōḷ, eyōr, eyd man, woman, persons, thing or things of or from what place; ejn whence; et_ which direction; et_āk a little in which direction; eyakd, et_akd somewhere (one doesn't know where); etervī in which neighbourhood; el, ēllk when; elōn, elōḷ, elōr, eld man, woman, etc., at what time; enm like what; entk to what extent; entgō numerous; enā, enenā such as what; ennm how, in what manner; entā how great; ēpāṭy so big as what; ental how many; very much, very big, more; enmūṛ like what; eŋ gey- to do what; end_ what day; end_ end_km forever; Toda adj. ē (before consonant), ēy (before vowel); ēɵɨd because of what; ēɵɨdm because of any of these things; et_ in which direction; et_m in any direction; et_ɨk a little in which direction; et_s_n, es_n whence; ēl where; ēnk to what place; ēnār_ by what road, towards where; ēfaxm always; ēd_, (in song also) ed_ why; ed_ on what day; etfok, etfɨn when; et how many; etk how much; etks_ at what distance; etōf such as what; egy what manner, how; however much; e(g) gɨs doing in what way, how; e(g) gɨsem somehow; es_ ɨn- to say how or what
Notes : It is not quite clear whether the correspondence "Kota e - Toda ē" can in any way reflect PSDR *jā- (*ja-) or if the length of the vowel in Toda (or its shortness in Kota) is secondary.
Number in DED : 5151

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