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Nilgiri etymology :

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Proto-Nilgiri : *ār_-
Meaning : to cool
South Dravidian etymology: South Dravidian etymology
Kota : ār- (āry-) "to become cool (liquid or solid), (dew) dries, (wound) heals"
Toda : ōr_- (ōr_y-) "(hot water) cools, become dry by heating (e. g. cloth, head, body)"
Additional forms : Also Kota ārc- (ārc-) to make (liquid) cool, make to dry in heat; āt- (āty-) to expose to fire to remove pollution (e.g. wet clothes or meat which might damage child in house, jewelry removed from corpse); arv- (art-) (water) is wanted; nīr arp thirst; arp āṛ- (āṛy-), arp ēgūṛ- (ēgūc-) to take a rest; Toda ōt_- (ōt_y-) to dry in heat (tr.); āɫ- (āt_-) (stream) goes dry, (pool, puddle) dries up; ar_t- (first stem does not occur) to be thirsty; ar_p a rest; ar_p oḍg- (oḍgy-) to take a rest; ar_n (obl. ar_n-) dry dung; ? ar_- (ar_ɵ-) to be fatigued; ōr- (ōry-) (dispute) is settled; ōrc- (ōrč-) to settle (dispute) (?< Badaga); ōr_c- (ōr_č-) to reopen settled dispute because the settlement was unjust (i. e. alleviate, etc.)
Notes : Also reconstructed is deriv. *ār_-ǝv- 'thirst; fatigue'. Toda āɫ- hardly belongs here at all, while the r-forms are most certainly borrowings from an SDR dialect where *r_ > r.
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