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Dravidian etymology :

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Proto-Dravidian : *aṇái- ~ *anḍ-
Meaning : to join, unite
Nostratic etymology: Nostratic etymology
Proto-South Dravidian: *aṇai ~ *anḍ-
Proto-Telugu : *anṭ-
Proto-Kolami-Gadba : *anḍ-
Proto-Gondi-Kui : *anḍ-
Proto-North Dravidian : *ā̆nṛ-s-
Brahui : han-inging
Notes : A common PDR stem commonly displaying two variants, with *anḍ- being the exclusive one in all of Central Dravidian and *aṇái- safely reconstructed only for PSDR (and Telugu, if anãgu 'to mix' really belongs here). Some of the forms with -ṇṭ- may be due to contamination with *anṭ- 'to stick'. The two stems, bisyllabic and monosyllabic with retroflex cluster, may well be related on a higher level (with the original root being *aṇ-, which then may have been preserved as an archaism in Tam. aṇṇu), but separate origins cannot be excluded either. // Present in 6/6 branches.

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