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Modern (Beijing) reading: jiù
Preclassic Old Chinese: guʔ
Classic Old Chinese: gú
Western Han Chinese: gǝ́w
Eastern Han Chinese: gǝ́w
Early Postclassic Chinese: gíw
Middle Postclassic Chinese: gǝ́w
Late Postclassic Chinese: gǝ́w
Middle Chinese: gǝ́w
English meaning : uncle
Russian meaning[s]: 1) дядя (со стороны матери); 2) свекор; 3) шурин (брат жены)
Comments: The regular Sino-Viet. reading is cũ'u. For *g- cf. Xiamen ku6, Chaozhou ku4, Fuzhou, Jianou kiu6.
Sino-Tibetan etymology: Sino-Tibetan etymology
Dialectal data: Dialectal data
Radical: 134
Four-angle index: 4736
Karlgren code: 1067 b
Vietnamese reading: cậu
Jianchuan Bai: -ćo8
Dali Bai: -ćou4
Bijiang Bai: -qɨ1

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