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North Caucasian etymology :

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Proto-North Caucasian: *=ić̣wĔ
Sino-Caucasian etymology: Sino-Caucasian etymology
Meaning: to come; to return
Proto-Nakh: *=erc̣-
Proto-Avaro-Andian: *=Vč̣ʷV-
Proto-Tsezian: *-ič̣-
Proto-Lak: =u=č̣a-
Proto-Dargwa: *=ac̣-
Proto-Lezghian: *ʔič̣ʷä-
Proto-Khinalug: -c̣i-
Proto-West Caucasian: *ǯ́ǝ
Notes: The EC-WC comparison belongs to Trubetzkoy (1930, 278). Except for the loss of labialisation (which sometimes happens in verbal WC roots - possibly because of interaction with class prefixes) correspondences are regular, and the etymology seems plausible. Some forms (Av. orč̣-, PN *=erc̣-) reflect a variant with infixed (probably durative) *-r-; one can also compare Urart. erc̣- 'to return' (see Diakonoff-Starostin 1986, 45).

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