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Turkic etymology :

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Proto-Turkic: *jolbars
Altaic etymology: Altaic etymology
Meaning: panther, leopard, tiger
Russian meaning: пантера, леопард, тигр
Old Turkic: jolbars (OUygh.: Suv.)
Tatar: julbarɨs
Middle Turkic: jolbars (Pav. C.)
Uzbek: jọlbars
Uighur: jolbars
Turkmen: jolbars
Kirghiz: ǯolbars
Kazakh: žolbarɨs
Noghai: jolbarɨs
Bashkir: julbarɨɵ
Karakalpak: žolbarɨs
Comments: ЭСТЯ 4, 219, Лексика 157. The Turkic form is analysed as 'road panther' which is most probably a folk etymology (under the influence of the borrowed bars 'panther'): even if one takes jol with a secondary late attested meaning 'line, stripe', shortness of -o- in Turkm. contradicts the etymology (*jōl 'road' has a long vowel).

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